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Shani Graha Shakti and Shanti Jaap

Shani Graha Shakti and Shanti Jaap

Price : 11000
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Key Insights :

  • Overcome limitations due to your past karmic deeds
  • Develop compassion, humility and a strong character to meet challenges
  • Learn to make good use of opportunities as well as develop a sense of duty and commitment
  • Instils tremendous survival instinct to rise above any obstacle and reach your goal

Our Promises :

  • To provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Pandit ji
  • To take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the Poojan
  • Cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • Guaranteed promptness and genuineness
  • Professional advice and help

Your Package


Pandit ji with all poojan samgiri

Dakshina included

Pious utensils required for the poojan

Online Sankalp via Hangouts video call

Video recording (01 min) of poojan via mail

Images of poojan on e-mail


Flowers & Fruits

Hawan kund


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In Vedic astrology, Saturn (Shani) planet is known as the Planet for Karmic deeds- effects of good or bad deeds from your past and present life. He rules over longevity, aging process and death. Saturn represents elderly members of family, parents, and ancestors. Saturn also rules over long-lasting relationships, growth in profession and gains in life. Saturn takes 30 years to go round the zodiac, he delivers life lessons to each Moon sign. Saturn instils discipline, focus, deepens commitments, gives insights, opportunities, and fortitude for the things that really matter in life. Saturn is feared for the sufferings and frustrations it brings into our life