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Rin MochanRin Mukti Debt Relief Poojan

Rin MochanRin Mukti Debt Relief Poojan

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Inclusions :

  • Pandit ji with all poojan samgiri
  • Dakshina included
  • Pious utensils required for the poojan
  • Online Sankalp via Hangouts video call
  • Attend Full Live Poojan with family on Laptop/Tab/Mobile (for online poojans)
  • Images of poojan on e-mail


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Hawan kund

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Key Insights :

  • The pooja helps the yajman in attaining financial stability and independence to enable him in paying off the debt
  • It helps to improve the tarnished relations with the near and dear ones, from whom the debt was taken
  • The pooja establishes smooth income flow and ensures that the business is safeguarded from any negative vices
  • It ensures prosperity and fortune in the professional life of yajman
  • Bestows one with more wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Our Promises :

  • To provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pandit ji
  • To take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the poojan
  • Cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • Guaranteed promptness and genuineness
  • Professional advice and help
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Everyone requires some sort of financial help at a point in life. Be it for expanding the business or using it for personal emergency, being indebted is a state that all of us have arrived at, but paying off the dues is always been a priority. However, if a person is unable to clear the debts and the outstanding amount keeps on piling up, a Rin mukti poojan is believed to provide an immediate solution. The pooja is performed in reverence of Lord Ganesha, Mata Lakshmi, planet Saturn and planet Mars, to ensure that the yajman can pay off his debts and secure financial stability in his life.