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Parthiv Shiva Poojan

Parthiv Shiva Poojan

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Inclusions :

  • 3 Pandit ji with all poojan samgiri
  • Dakshina included
  • Pious utensils required for the poojan
  • Online Sankalp via video call
  • Attend Full Live Poojan with family on Laptop/Tab/Mobile (for online poojans)
  • Images of poojan on e-mail


Flowers & Fruits

Hawan kund

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Key Insights :

  • The pooja tends to ward off all kinds of physical and mental stress from the life of yajman, and ensures peaceful atmosphere at household
  • It has been termed as a “Wish fulfilling poojan” that blesses the Yajman with continued health and wealth
  • The benefits from conducting the Parthiv poojan are equivalent to the benefits one tends to gain by conducting 1000 yajnas
  • The poojan puts an end to any fear related with pre mature death or illness.

Our Promises :

  • To provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pandit ji
  • To take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the poojan <br/>
  • Cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • Guaranteed promptness and genuineness
  • Professional advice and help
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Worshipping Lord Shiva and offering prayers to the Shivlingam is considered important for a devotee throughout the year, yet performing the poojan typically in the month of Shraavan is believed to manifold into favorable outcomes. One of the most crucial aspects of the Shiva poojan is the Parthiv pooja.
The divine poojan has its roots since the ancient times. Mythology states that the poojan was first performed by Shanidev to please Lord Shiva, in order to grant him more powers than Suryadeva. Not only this, but, the mighty Lord Rama performed this poojan to take Lord Shiva’s blessings in his war against demon king Ravana. Also, the yajman performing this poojan, gets an opportunity to live 10,000 years in heaven.