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Ghar Kalesh Shanti Poojan

Ghar Kalesh Shanti Poojan

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Inclusions :

  • Pandit ji with all poojan samgiri
  • Dakshina included


Flowers & Fruits

Hawan kund

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Key Insights :

  • To create an amicable and healthy atmosphere among the family.
  • To ensure mental peace and develop a sense of belongingness for one another.
  • To put an end to unnecessary arguments and fights.
  • To restore faith in love and companionship.

Our Promises :

  • To provide qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pandit ji
  • To take care of all vedic sciences and rituals for the poojan
  • Cater the poojan as per standard vedic customary rituals
  • Guaranteed promptness and genuineness
  • Professional advice and help
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The modern world is full of steadiness and the urge to earn more, so as to satisfy oneself with greater material comforts. In this era, people are busy chasing money or luxuries and have very little or no time left for the near and dear ones. There is no space left for communication, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings and arguments over petty issues, which eventually pave the way towards separation or broken relationships. The Ghar kalesh shanti poojan is an effective way to put an end to the everyday fights and create a room for love and understanding.