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Name : Nandita Sharma
Rating: 4.30 / 5
Experinces: 3 Years
Charges: 25/Min
Languages: Hindi,English
Expertise: Mokshapat Board Reading, Magnified Healing and Cards.
Biography :
Looking for accurate predictions, tarot, and psychic reading? Turn to psychic readings by Nandita Sh...Read more

Rating Overview

Rating4.30/515 Ratings15 Reviews



This is a testimony that i will tell everyone to hear i have been married 12 years and was trying for a child – post the healing sessions, I was cleared of karmic issues and am now 4 months pregnant. Couldn’t be happier.

Kavitha , June, 2020


Post my divorce, I had gone in severe depression. The psychiatrist had prescribed drugs. The healing I received from her really helped. it gives you the confidence you need to move on from any type of negativity in your life. it has done that for me. and honestly it's what keeps me going every single day.

Manek , June, 2020


Positive messages for the soul in a negative world. I Love It!

Esha , May, 2020


Clear and friendly advises of reading.... a teacher who guides in fun way.... stay blessed n guiding light to all

Sonal , May, 2020


Powerful experience.

Alan , May, 2020


The numerology guidance was so accurate I wondered how the date of birth revealed so much about me.

Naz , May, 2020


I was impressed by the accuracy of all information given, details, names, personalities and habits all spot on. There was no doubt about it being a real Spiritual experience. I came away with peace, healing and clarity.

Sara , April, 2020


Nandita is very humble, loving and straightforward person. If anyone needs genuine help she is very compassionate. She is also accurate reader. Lots of Love and Heartfelt Gratitude.

Radha , April, 2020


Thank you for being so supportive and loving guiding light in my life.

Ritu , April, 2020


Post the recommended pooja, I have noticed a lot of transformation in my life.

Manoj , April, 2020


A much needed, and deeply appreciated, boost of positive energy in my life post the healing sessions.

Jaydev , April, 2020


The healing services made a big difference to my depression.

Murli , April, 2020


Helpful guidance that came in handy at times of despair need.

Charu , April, 2020


One of the most striking things about Nandita is her ability to deeply listen and witness a client's pain points and story from a place of heart-centered compassion and non-judgment. She is incredibly open-minded and is able to facilitate the healing without her own agenda coming into play. She knows how to use words that heal and to dovetail those words Although I felt that I entered into the experience with an open heart, I soon discovered that my Ego was quite skeptical about the process and definitely tried to object. Nandita knew exactly how to manage that circumstance and move the process forward so that I could gain the most benefit. I also feel that I am receiving important divine messages on an almost daily basis. I highly recommend healings and readings with Nandita

Taru , April, 2020


The card reading session was positive. Enlightening. Thoughtful and thought provoking.

Namita , April, 2020